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Understanding Your Doctor's Biases About Treatment Options

Your doctor's biases in favor of his/her own specialty is an important thing to keep in mind when evaluating prostate cancer treatment options.

PET Scan for Prostate Cancer

The PET scan for prostate cancer is an often misunderstood test which is sometimes used to determine the extent of spread of prostate cancer. Learn all about the PET scan for prostate cancer and why prostate cancer is different from any other type of cancer when it comes to PET.

The D'Amico Classification System for Prostate Cancer

The D’amico risk group classification system was developed to estimate the likelihood of recurrence for any patient using a given set of parameters, and is widely used as one of many individualized risk assessment tools. Read all about this important classification system.

The Natural History of Prostate Cancer

The natural history of prostate cancer is no longer commonly seen in the developed world. Most men undergo some form of treatment for their prostate cancer, once discovered. Prostate cancer, if left untreated indefinitely, can spread to other local tissues or distantly to other sites in the body.

All About Bones Scans and Prostate Cancer

The bone scan is an important test used to detect prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. Many men who have prostate cancer will undergo this test at some point. So, why is it important and how does it work?

What Is Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer?

Cryotherapy is a form of treatment for prostate cancer in which the cancerous cells are destroyed through freezing. What do you need to know about this important alternative therapy?

Zytiga for Prostate Cancer

Zytiga is a drug that is used to treat prostate cancer that is no longer confined to the prostate and which has become resistant to hormone therapy.

The Controversial New Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendations

Very controversial recommendations were released in October 2011 by a major health care advisory panel in the United States. Learn what the panel recommended and get some insight into why.

Professionals Who Can Help You Cope

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can potentially be overwhelming. There are numerous professionals who can be through the difficult time surrounded diagnosis and beyond. Several different types of professionals to help you cope with the various aspects of prostate cancer diagnosis can be found at your hospital, through your doctor, or online.

Overview of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced prostate cancer is an often-misunderstood description of later-stage prostate cancer. How is this treated? How is it diagnosed?

Hormone Therapy vs. Chemotherapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy and chemotherapy are two types of treatment that men with advanced prostate cancer often consider. So what should you know about hormone therapy and chemotherapy for prostate cancer?

Arnold Palmer and Prostate Cancer

Arnold Palmer and Prostate Cancer. Arnold Palmer, one of history's greatest golfers, was diagnosed and underwent treatment for prostate cancer. He now is an advocate for prostate cancer awareness. Learn all about Arnold Palmer's prostate cancer story.

John Kerry and Prostate Cancer

John Kerry and Prostate Cancer. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts was diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer. Learn all about his experience with prostate cancer.

Common Fears and Misconceptions

Prostate Cancer Pain and Treatment: Common Fears and Misconceptions. Coping with prostate cancer pain or the pain that can sometimes result from prostate cancer treatments can be one of the most difficult aspects of life with prostate cancer. Learn more about common fears and misconceptions about prostate cancer pain and treatment.

Coping with Prostate Cancer Pain

Coping with prostate cancer pain, or the pain that can sometimes result from prostate cancer treatments, can be one of the most difficult aspects of life with prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer and Tocopherol

Prostate cancer and tocopherol have recently been discussed together on a regular basis. Initially there was great hope for tocopherol (also known as vitamin E) in lowering the risk of prostate cancer. Today, the thinking about tocopherol is much different. Learn more about prostate cancer and tocopherol.

Important Questions About Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a widely used treatment for prostate cancer. Radiation therapy can be administered from outside the body (external beam radiation therapy) or from inside the body (brachytherapy). What are the important questions about radiation therapy?

When and Where to Tell Your Family About Prostate Cancer

One of the hardest aspects of a new diagnosis of prostate cancer can be talking about it with family. There are probably few more difficult things to do as a man with a new prostate cancer diagnosis. So, when and where should you discuss your diagnosis with your family?

Four Important Ways to Support a Loved One With Prostate Cancer

What are some ways that friends and family can support a loved one who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer? The support and love of those close to a man with prostate cancer are extremely important.

Four More Important Ways to Support a Loved One with Prostate Cancer

What are additional ways that friends and family can support a loved one who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer? The support and love of those close to a man with prostate cancer are extremely important.

Prostate Infection

Prostate infections can cause a number of severe symptoms, can lead to dangerous complications, and can mimic the symptoms of more serious conditions such as prostate cancer. Learn all about prostate infections here.

Prostate Cancer and Folic Acid

Is there any link between prostate cancer and folic acid?

An Overview of Current Prostate Cancer Research

Breakthroughs in prostate cancer continue to happen frequently and a variety of exciting developments are currently being studied. Around the world, thousands of physicians, scientists, and others are studying this disease.

What to Know About Prostate Cancer MRI

Recently, advances in technology have made the MRI one of the best tests for evaluating whether prostate cancer has extended beyond the organ itself. Learn more.

How to Find Free Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer screening is how prostate cancer is detected earlier when it is more easily cured. Finding free prostate cancer screening, however, is not always easy. Here are some tips for finding free prostate cancer screening.

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