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How to Find Free Prostate Cancer Screening


Updated July 26, 2011

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When prostate cancer is detected earlier, it is more easily cured. Finding free prostate cancer screening, however, is not always easy. Here are some tips.

Contact Your Local Hospital or Prostate Cancer Support Group

Many hospitals offer periodic free cancer screenings. Contacting your local hospital is often a good place to start.

In larger cities (and even some small ones), there are prostate cancer support groups that offer a variety of resources to men and their families. The prostate cancer organization US Too provides a list of local prostate cancer support groups.

Zero: The Project to End Prostate Cancer

Zero, a nation-wide organization, offers free prostate cancer screening through its mobile testing facility. The group estimates it has provided over 100,000 prostate cancer screenings since 2002.

Prostate Conditions Education Council

This organization provides a locator service to find free prostate cancer screenings across the United States. Their website has an easy-to-use function to find the closest screening facility to where you live.

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