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Basics of Protate Cancer - A Brief Introduction to Prostate Cancer

A brief introduction and summary of the basics about prostate cancer. The absolute must-know information for anyone interested in prostate cancer.
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Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

PSA: What does it mean?

Prostate Infection
Prostate infections can cause a number of severe symptoms, can lead to dangerous complications, and can mimic the symptoms of more serious conditions such as prostate cancer. Learn all about prostate infections here.

Prostate Problems
Prostate problems are not uncommon. Problems ranging from simple inflammation to metastatic cancer can originate from the prostate. It important to know which problems can affect the prostate and what can be done about them. Read on to learn more about prostate problems.

Prostate Cancer Progression
What do we know about prostate cancer progression? How fast does prostate cancer usually grow? When and where does it commonly spread? Is there anyway to know when it has begun to spread?

What's New in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer?

Symptoms of Prostatitis
Prostatitis is a common condition that can cause symptoms that perfectly mimic the symptoms of prostate cancer. Find out what the most common symptoms of prostatitis are. Also learn some less common symptoms of prostatitis.

Prostate Cancer Risk and Nationality
Prostate cancer and nationality. Prostate cancer is much more common in some countries than in others. It is also much more common in men of certain nationalities than others. What are the reasons for these differences? Can anything be done about it?

What Is Prostate Cancer?
What Is Prostate Cancer? The three key questions that anyone interested in this disease must have answered. What is the prostate? What is cancer? What is prostate cancer?

The Prostate Gland
The prostate gland is an important structure present only men. Because prostate cancer and other conditions can develop within the prostate, it is important to understand what it is and what it does.

What Does the Prostate Do?
FAQ - What Does the Prostate Do?

The Top Ten Prostate Cancer Myths
There are many misconceptions or myths that continue to surround prostate cancer and its treatment. What are the ten prostate cancer myths of which everyone should be aware?

Prostate Cancer in African-American Men
Black men have higher rates of prostate cancer, die more often from prostate cancer, and have their prostate cancer diagnosed later.

Prostate Cancer Statistics
Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in men today. With this in mind, what are the most important statistics to know about this disease?

Prostate Cancer Emergencies
Prostate cancer can result in symptoms that require emergent attention from a physician. Problems ranging from acute urinary retention to spinal cord compression can occur. While these symptoms are rare, prostate cancer patients should be aware of them.

Prostate Cancer Warning Signs
Are there prostate cancer warning signs? Are there signs and symptoms that could point to underlying prostate cancer? What are some prostate cancer warning signs?

The Natural History of Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer, if left untreated indefinitely, can spread to other local tissues or distantly to other sites in the body.

What Other Prostate Cancer Myths Have You Heard? - Prostate C…
What other prostate cancer myths have you heard? There is plenty of false information out there regarding prostate cancer. What things have you heard that you consider a myth about prostate cancer?

Prostate Cancer Prognosis
Prostate cancer prognosis is often very difficult to gauge and differs greatly from one man to the next. With that said, there are things that can change a man's prognosis. Read all about prostate cancer prognosis here.

Prostate Problems

Prostate problems are fairly common in men of all ages, and they are especially common in older men. Prostate problems can range from simple inflammation to cancer. It is important to have a basic understanding of the possible problems that can develop in the prostate.

Metastatic Prostate Cancer
The first line therapy for metastatic prostate cancer is evolving. New evidence suggests chemo and hormones should be given simultaneously.

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