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Resources for Prostate Cancer Education

A detailed guide to the best prostate cancer resources available to both patients and families. Each resource is accompanied by a summary of its contents and quality.

American Cancer Society
A huge website offering information about many types of cancers, a range of support resources, and some specific services for each type of cancer (including prostate cancer).

American Urological Association
The American Urological Association (AUA) is a group of 15,000 members involved in the field of urology. There are special sections of the site dedicated to patients including a urologist referral service.

National Cancer Institute (NCI)
A huge site with a vast amount of information about all types of cancer. The main focus of the site is on the ongoing research efforts of the NCI, which is funded by the American Federal Government.

Prostate Cancer Foundation
Homepage for the largest charity contributor to prostate cancer research in the world. Great deal of information about research and ways to fund more research.

Us Too International
This organization focuses on improving the lives of prostate cancer patients with an emphasis on the patients' families. They offer support groups, advocacy services, and general prostate cancer information.

Prostate Cancer Videos
Educational prostate cancer videos can be very helpful when trying to get a better understanding of prostate cancer.

The National Cancer Institute
The National Cancer Institute is an extremely important organization that has a lot to offer men with prostate cancer. Learn more here.

Us TOO International
Us TOO International is an important prostate cancer organization. Learn more about Us TOO International here.

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is an important organization involved in the fight against cancer, including prostate cancer. Learn more about it here.

Prostate Cancer Foundation
The Prostate Cancer Foundation is an important organization dedicated to promoting prostate cancer awareness and raising funds for prostate cancer research. Learn more about it here.

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