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Research for Prostate Cancer - The Frontier of Medicine

A detailed guide to the most promising and exciting developments in prostate cancer research.

An Overview of Current Prostate Cancer Research
Breakthroughs in prostate cancer continue to happen frequently and a variety of exciting developments are being studied currently. Around the world, thousands of physicians, scientists, and others are studying this disease.

What Direction Should Prostate Cancer Research Be Headed? - What Shou…
The field of prostate cancer research has made big advances over the past few years, but what direction should it be headed in now? What should be the goals of prostate cancer research? Should the focus be on prevention, diagnosis, treatment ... or something else?

Understanding Clinical Trials
Clinical trials, sometimes known as clinical studies, are conducted in order to test new ways in which to prevent, diagnose, treat, or monitor prostate cancer. What should you know about clinical trials?

From the NIH - A Guide To Understanding Informed Consent
This is an excellent guide to the what you need to know about informed consent. Having a solid idea of what you are consenting to is essential before you enroll in any clinical trial. This guide is considered to be one of the best for helping patients understand informed consent.

Current Clinical Trials for Prostate Cancer
This site, which is operated by the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH), keeps a continually updated list of clinical trials that wish to enroll prostate cancer patients. More information about clinical trials is available.

CenterWatch - Clinical Trials Listing
This list is compiled by CenterWatch, a company based in Boston that keeps a database of clinical trials. Included on this list are international listings.

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