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Finding and Working With Your Doctor and Hospital

A detailed guide to enhancing the relationship between you and your doctor. Where should you go to find a doctor? What questions should you ask? When should you go about getting a second opinion? How do you know which hospital to go to for treatment? These questions and more are answered here.
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What Type of Health Care Provider Has Been a Particularly Important P…
As a prostate cancer patient, you will likely work with an array of prostate cancer specialists during your diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. This includes different types of doctors, as well as a variety of other healthcare professionals. Who has been a particularly important part of your healthcare team that you may not have expected to be?

The Types of Physicians Involved in Your Prostate Cancer Care
During the course of your prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care you will likely be working with a number of different types of physicians. It is important to have a basic idea of what each of these physicians does and what type of training they have undergone.

What to Ask Your Doctor About Prostate Cancer Treatment Options
The time just after first being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a time of conflicting emotions and difficulty in sorting through all that needs to be done or thought about. When you first start to explore treatment options, there are a number of things that you need to be sure to ask your physician about before making a decision of which option to go with.

What Questions Do You Wish You Would Have Asked Your Doctor Before St…
There are lots of questions to ask before starting treatment for prostate cancer. If you could go back in time, what would you be sure to ask of your doctor or anyone else before starting treatment?

Understanding Your Doctor's Biases About Treatment Options
Your doctor's biases in favor of his/her own specialty is an important thing to keep in mind when evaluating prostate cancer treatment options.

Other Medical Specialists on Your Prostate Cancer CareTeam
Many physicians work with prostate cancer patients, but there are also many non-physician health professionals that you are likely to work while you are dealing with prostate cancer.

What to Do Before a Doctor's Appointment
What should you do before each doctor's appointment to get the most out of your visit? Read all about how to prepare for a routine doctor's appointment.

Can I Change Doctors?
Can you change doctors? Are you allowed to switch doctors? What are some things to consider before changing doctors?

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